Making India Shine

As an Indian capital goods manufacturing company we emphasize on delivering the excellence at par international standards in manufacturing and plant set-ups, and thats the prime reason of our successive global reach.

It is our firm belief that capital goods manufacturing industry, apart from manufacturing machinaries and equipments producing good quality products, must play a catalyst role in cost curtailment. As Equipments / machinaries / manufacturing plants incurs fixed and operational costs that considerably impacts on total cost of production, It is industry's duty to develop and design such technologies that helps improve productivity along with pushing forward the cost reduction objective uncompromisingly.

At MAGNALENZ we strive on designing and manufacturing induction furnaces that consumes less and utilizes maximium out of each power unit, efficiency that minimizes the metal loss, designs and set-up of machinaries that acquires less space on installation and are easy on handling.

Our low cost-high efficiency product installations serves various public sector undertakings, private national and multinational corporations holding leading positions in their respective industries.

Amounting to 300+ plant installations operating worldwide, MAGNALENZ is a proud indian company,Designing, manufacturing and exporting state of the art Furnace industry products that performs superiorly, globally and making india shine.