Perhaps every engineering product mfrer provides or is expected to provide after sales service but we excell in both, before and after sales service. We take our customers feedback to heart. Our R & D wing is genetically programmed to think out of box. We listen and study customer's requirements, his suggestions, his ideas. Then we work upon and don't rest till we improve the existing process. Hence our product becomes customized. We take pride in saying that no two similer configurations in our induction furnaces will be absolutely similer. There will always be that little improvisation, that amount of lateral thinking that would be present in the final product.

Selling a FERmelt is just the first step in our relationship with the customer. What we look forward to is a life long association with all our clients. Magnalenz's technical support team is ever ready to attend customer's query or emergency call. round the clock service (24 x 7 x 365) is the sales feature that has earned for us the reputation of RELIABILITY.