Why Us?

In foundry and metal working forge industry, type of molten metal, timing power consumption, downtime for repair etc. involving various melting operations are important metallurgical and economic considerations. Magnalenz engineer are well aware of the technical aspects of manufacturing a medium frequency induction meting furnace. Hence we particularly focus on practical design and sophisticated controls to achieve significant fuel and power efficiency and we pass on economic benefit to the customer.

FERmelt furnace using the smart technology, gives magnalenz, the distinctive competitive edge over others.

Main highlights are :

  • Hi Tech Design means lower failure rate
  • FER melt solution in corporate a special system to locate faults.
  • Built with care and quality workmanship for failsafe performance.
  • In house, State. of the – art, world class lesting facility.
  • Team of trained and experienced engineers ready to serve you.
  • Ample stock and availability of spares.