The Magnalenz Hydro-Mech Datums are machines customized for operations in automatic mode in the industries. They are used for treating the scraps and developing it to compact and make the maximum use of the machining scraps such as cast iron, aluminum, copper, steel, brass, bronze scraps, etc. With Magnalenz Hydromech Datums, it is possible to reach a very high temperature in the compression chamber thus creating briquettes having a density close to or superior to the density of the bulk. Magnalenz Hydro-Mech Datums makes it possible to place the briquettes directly in the induction furnaces by drastically reducing the volume of these machining scraps. This makes it very beneficial for the foundries that produces/ process the machining scraps internally. The huge bonus in the times of today is the eco-friendly benefits resulting from this briquetting process.


  • Drastic reduction in the volume of machining scraps.
  • Excellent metalization from machining scraps.
  • Less requirement of space for the storage of briquettes and easy accountability.
  • High economic increase in the value of machining scraps.
  • Utilization of the briquettes directly in the induction furnaces and in the cupola.
  • Savings of machining scrap during handling and transportation.
  • Almost complete recovery of the lubricating oil present in the scrap product.
  • Highly automated cycle for processing the machining scraps.
  • Enhanced levels of cleanliness and lowers environmental impact.
  • Reduction in raw materials lost.
Solid Chips SeriesProduction Capacity (kg/h*)Nriquettes Diameter (mm)Maximum Sp. Pressure (kg/cm2)Dimensions (m)Approx. Weight (kg)Mains Motor Power (hp)
MHD 70100/8007532003.0 x 1.5 x 2.4520025
MHD 100200/100010023003.2 x 2.5 x 2.5620035
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