Magnalenz Induction Furnaces are designed and produced by studying all available existing Furnaces in the world, adapting all superior features, adding all up to date technologies and combining the necessary needs indicated by foundrymen. For the coming millennium years of 2000 and beyond Magnalenz proudly presents to modern, automated foundries and steel plants the most Economical, the Most Reliable, the Most Efficient and high-quality Induction Furnace viz. FERmelt.

How Magnalenz furnaces are different from others?

  • Lower power consumption and enhanced economy modern semi-conductor technology and an optimum furnace design minimize the power demand and consumption, thus reducing the melting cost.
  • High operational safety Safe melting operations thanks to continuous, automatic furnace monitoring.
  • Favorable price/performance ratio and long life cycle The use of Magnalenz standard modules in the melting plant are responsible for its favorable price. These Magnalenz furnace systems, are known to be rugged and reliable, minimize total life cycle costs.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain the advanced furnace design was conceived for quick and easy installation. System operation, monitoring, and control are user-friendly and simple.

Higher Yield: The absence of combustion sources reduces oxidation losses that can be significant in production economics.

Faster Startup: Full power from the power supply is available, instantaneously, thus reducing the time to reach working temperature.

Flexibility: No molten metal is necessary to start medium-frequency coreless induction melting equipment. This facilitates repeated cold starting and frequent alloy changes.

Natural Stirring: Medium frequency units can give a strong stirring action resulting in a homogeneous melt.

Cleaner Melting: No by-products of combustion means a cleaner melting environment and no associated products of combustion pollution control systems.

Compact Installation: High melting rates can be obtained from small furnaces. A coreless furnace capable of melting 2,500 lbs./hr. of aluminum has a crucible measuring 3′ in diameter by 6′ in-depth.

Reduced Refractory: The compact size in relation to the melting rate means induction furnaces require much less refractory than fuel-fired units.

Better Working Environment: Induction furnaces are much quieter than gas furnaces, arc furnaces, or cupolas. No combustion gas is present and waste heat is minimized.

Energy Conservation: Overall energy efficiency in induction melting ranges from 55 to 75 percent, and is significantly better than combustion processes.

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