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While the India metal casting industry is as old as the India civilization, the root of modern metal casting industry was laid out in the year 1850 A.D. For an industry that grew with the development of the engineering sector, the impetus was provided by some remarkable new uses of castings, in domestic as well as industrial areas. India. is the first country to use Induction Melting Furnaces for making mild steel. An ace in supplying induction melting furnaces to foundry-related SMEs, Magnalenz has the distinct repute of providing coreless medium frequency induction furnaces and services for various applications in time. Chinmay Yagnik, the owner of Magnalenz, lays bare the company’s success mantra.

How would you rate the Gujarat / India furnace industry in comparison to international standards?

Gujarat has the best to offer, be it in terms of infrastructure or manpower. Couple this with the excellent industrial environment and the industrial boom is certain. Ahmedabad is the hub for furnace procurement and promises to put forth a range of furnace manufacturers. While certain challenges and setbacks need to be overcome, with increased support from the government, the foundry-related business is sure to scale newer heights.

What sets Magnalenz apart the rest when it comes to offering induction furnaces?

“Our research and designs are structured so that cost efficiency and performance towards functionality and desired output become a continuum to eliminate interruption for inspection or snags. This design approach effectively cuts downtime. Moreover, strategic factors such as design, raw material, timing, electrical efficiency, productivity, and crucial technical details ensure that these features translate directly to saving for the customer choosing the FERmelt furnace. With our focus on manufacturing the finest furnace in the world that not only yield production but also are in tandem to the efforts at reducing the threat of global warming – we ensure that operation of furnaces is done with the highest electrical efficiency.” Says Chinmay Yagnik, Director of Operations.

Technologically Sound

The type of molten metal, timing, power consumption, downtime for repair, etc involving various melting operations are important metallurgical and economic considerations in any foundry or metal-working forge. The Magnalenz’s Induction Melting Furnaces-comprising the innovative FERmelt three-unit module – particularly focus on practical design and sophisticated controls to achieve significant fuel and power efficiency and, in effect, convey the actual economic advantage to the customer. With no stage of operation or movement wasted-the running of the furnaces, the Thyristor advantage, the remarkably well-configured controls that regulate power consumption, and the reduced wear and tear of parts, make the FERmelt furnace a realistic and viable option.

An ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company by BV (burea-varitas), Magnalenz boasts of having supplied furnace ranging in capacity from 1kg to 16000kgs, for variant applications and more than 150 installations across the globe. Offering client professional advice and instructions on the advantages of FERmelt furnace by demonstrating the benefits and savings, Magnalenz, in a one-of-its-kind initiative, has interfaced its furnace with a computer for continuous monitoring of electrical and operational parameter of the furnaces in running. By making the highest electrically efficient induction melting furnaces, it acknowledges also the responsibility towards society and’ environment.

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