We, at Magnalenz, are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction by providing coreless medium frequency induction furnaces & services, for various applications in time, that meet and exceed their expectations through continual improvement. We shall strive to accelerate on a sustained basis. The creation of values to our customers, employees, owners, suppliers and the society at large.

Evolving our quality policy

“Our research and designs are structured”, says Chinmay Yagnik, Director of Operations, so that cost efficiency and performance towards functionality and desired output become a continuum to eliminate interruption for inspection or snags. This design approach effectively cuts downtime.

“Moreover, strategic factor s such as design, raw material, timing, electrical efficiency, productivity, and crucible technical details ensure that these features translate directly to saving for the customer choosing the FER melt furnaces.”

What does this mean to us?

This viewpoint also benefits Magnalenz. With no stage of operation or movement wasted the running furnaces, the thyristor advantage, the remarkably wel1-configured controls that regulate power consumption, and the reduced wear and tear of parts make the FER melt furnace a realistic and viable option. To Magnalenz it means being able to deliver on our promise. It also means having clients who will testify to the quality of our FER melt furnace and expert follow-up.

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