Product Description

To make a comparative study of investment casting furnace cost compared to other heating systems, it should consider a number of factors such as:
• Cost of the energy consumed by heated piece.
• Cost of labor.
• Loss of material.
• Life of the matrices.
• Cost of maintenance.
• Implementation costs.
• Savings ART.
• We will carefully analyze each of these cost components.
• Cost of the energy consumed by heated piece.

It should be stressed that, with the investment casting furnace, the cost of energy we have obtained is the only one involved. Conversely, when the induction heating compared to other heating systems, such as a gas furnace, keep in mind that:
• In an induction generator power is consumed when the parts are heated, but no preheating times. By contrast, in a conventional oven, you have to start heating before it will reload all the pieces to temper furnace chamber, and this is also an important fuel and labor.
• In case of stops, changing matrices, damage to the presses, etc .., conventional oven continues to draw power while the induction generator stops consuming the same time more pieces are not removed.
• The comparison between the investment casting furnace and conventional ovens always produces favorable results investment casting furnace. Generally there are dramatic differences as they get up to 65% savings using an induction generator.

Cost of labor
One of the salient features of investment casting furnace is precisely the ease with which it is possible to achieve full automation of the process, which leads, logically, to a significant savings in labor and increased production.
It is not possible to give specific figures of the labor savings with the use of an induction generator, a point that depends on each individual case. In general we can say that the cost of labor for installation of induction heating is less than half than with traditional systems. Nor it is paid extra for calories.

Material losses
The loss of material in a heating installation is basically either due to two causes:
• Losses to fire themselves
• The more than you have to give the pieces for printing.