Product Description

Magnalenz is the pioneer of Stainless Steel Melting furnaces in the industry. They have set so many new milestones. And every time with the help of their strong R&D; department they are able to provide the best and cheap Stainless Steel Melting furnaces all over the India.

Steel is considered an economic indicator, because it plays an essential role in the infrastructure and economic development. Steel demand has increased dramatically worldwide and as a result, several countries have emerged as major steel producers, the US being the fourth largest producer.

The steel industry, like many other metal industries, has experienced a decline due to the economy. It peaked in 2007 and began to decline in 2008, leading many cuts in the steel industry. Steel plants have been losing large amounts of money due to selling steel below cost of production.

Despite this, there has been growth and recovery. In 2001, steel production was 851 megatonnes. In 2012, it was of 1,548 megatons. Asian countries have increased the demand for steel, which has led to its growth. From 2013 to 2014, it is expected to grow the steel industry with a projected increase of 3.2 percent, to 1,500 megatons

Modern technology is an important factor in the success of the steel industry component. Large steel companies have invested big money in building modern steel plant - one of which was in the United States and one in South America.

As ovens Steel Melting and Stainless Steel Melting industry, induction furnaces for steel can produce large quantities of molten steel large while consuming 10 to 20 percent less energy. This energy efficiency can help reduce costs and improve profitability.

An induction furnace for steel will have a constant power supply over a wide range of input power, allowing less input power for the same amount of energy within the oven. Fusion rates also remain constant with lower energy. For an industry that has faced a recession in recent years and is beginning to recover, energy-efficient melting furnaces such as steel melting are the perfect answer to ensure that the steel industry will continue to be successful and meet expectations.

Steel Melting furnaces melting steel also come in various sizes. This allows for maximum workspace available. The furnaces of different sizes can handle different weights of steel, and there are different models to suit the needs of any steel company.

Although the steel industry has experienced a decline due to the economic problems that exist, many financial groups expect the industry to experience an improvement. This improvement may be greater investment in induction furnace for energy efficient and environmentally friendly steel.

Magnalenz has crafted a range of Stainless Steel Melting furnaces with the state of the art Solid state power supplies for steel making.